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Tron Uprising

Tron Uprising Season 1 All Episodes Direct Download



Tron Uprising Season 1 All Episodes Direct Download
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Two feature films have been produced based on the Tron character, 1982’s “Tron” and the 2010 sequel, “Tron: Legacy.” “Tron: Uprising” takes place during the time period between the story lines of the two movies. In the series, young program Beck becomes the leader of a revolution inside the computer… MORE
First episode date18 May 2012
Final episode date28 January 2013
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Tron Uprising_S01E01_720p_WEB-DL[FromAnime].mkv    08-Nov-2017 14:17           240783197
Tron Uprising_S01E02_720p_WEB-DL[FromAnime].mp4    08-Nov-2017 14:17           320407239
Tron Uprising_S01E03_720p_WEB-DL[FromAnime].mp4    08-Nov-2017 14:17           325365754
Tron Uprising_S01E04_720p_WEB-DL[FromAnime].mp4    08-Nov-2017 14:17           313797163
Tron Uprising_S01E05_720p_WEB-DL[FromAnime].mp4    08-Nov-2017 14:17           274091850
Tron Uprising_S01E06_720p_WEB-DL[FromAnime].mp4    08-Nov-2017 14:17           269832592
Tron Uprising_S01E07_720p_WEB-DL[FromAnime].mp4    08-Nov-2017 14:17           276402737
Tron Uprising_S01E08_720p_WEB-DL[FromAnime].mp4    08-Nov-2017 14:17           284383403
Tron Uprising_S01E09_720p_WEB-DL[FromAnime].mp4    08-Nov-2017 14:17           238040558
Tron Uprising_S01E10_720p_WEB-DL[FromAnime].mp4    08-Nov-2017 14:17           258341885
Tron Uprising_S01E11_720p_WEB-DL[FromAnime].mp4    08-Nov-2017 14:18           281017516
Tron Uprising_S01E12_720p_WEB-DL[FromAnime].mp4    08-Nov-2017 14:18           346967603
Tron Uprising_S01E13_720p_WEB-DL[FromAnime].mp4    08-Nov-2017 14:18           373968068
Tron Uprising_S01E14_720p_WEB-DL[FromAnime].mp4    08-Nov-2017 14:18           281040593
Tron Uprising_S01E15_720p_WEB-DL[FromAnime].mp4    08-Nov-2017 14:18           333844147
Tron Uprising_S01E16_720p_WEB-DL[FromAnime].mp4    08-Nov-2017 14:18           279332690
Tron Uprising_S01E17_720p_WEB-DL[FromAnime].mp4    08-Nov-2017 14:18           277014284
Tron Uprising_S01E18_720p_WEB-DL[FromAnime].mp4    08-Nov-2017 14:18           350184177
Tron Uprising_S01E19_720p_WEB-DL[FromAnime].mp4    08-Nov-2017 14:18           267547

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