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The Kissing Booth 2018 Full Movie Download



The Kissing Booth 2018 Full Movie Download

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The Kissing Booth 2018 Full Movie Download

Born on the same day in the same hospital, Elle Evans (Joey King) and Lee Flynn (Joel Courtney) have been best friends all their lives. To protect their special relationship, the pair created a set of friendship rules they are sworn to follow including #9:relatives totally off limits, especially Lee’s bad boy older brother Noah(Jacob Elordi). Soon a romance with Noah blossoms and Elle finds herself breaking the rules and hurting Lee. Quickly, tensions flare between the two brothers and Elle faces losing them both.The Kissing Booth 2018 Full Movie Download

The next day while at a party Elle is harassed by another student and Noah almost starts a fight with him. This causes her to storm off but Noah makes her get in his car. Instead of going home he takes her to the Hollywood Sign and they talk about their relationship. They both admit to liking each other and decide to come up with rules for their relationship, one being that Lee never finds out. The two kiss but later have sex.

Elle and Noah start to see each other secretly and are carefully that Lee or anyone else finds out. While in Noah’s room his mom walks in and Elle has to hide. While hiding she overhears her say that he had been accepted to an Ivy League school. Soon after he reveals to her that he is going to Harvard and she starts to realize that he won’t be around next year. One day while hanging out with Noah, Lee walks in on him tending to a cut on her face. Lee asks Elle if there is something going on between her and Noah which she denies. She goes back to Noah and tells him that they need to come clean that night and when Noah agrees he says that way he can take her to prom . They kiss but Lee ends up seeing it. Hurt, Lee attempts to leave his house but Elle tries to get him to talk before Noah intervenes and eventually get into a fight. After backing off, Lee leaves and Elle tells Noah to leave her alone.



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