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Frequency Season 1 All Episodes Direct Download 480p/ 720p/ 1080p



Frequency Season 1 All Episodes Direct Download 480p/ 720p/ 1080p


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Frequency is an American drama television series that airs on The CW. Inspired by the 2000 Gregory Hoblit film of the same name, Frequency is developed by Jeremy Carver. The series premiered on October 5, 2016, and the first season concluded on January 25, 2017


In 2016, NYPD Detective Raimy Sullivan discovers that she is able to speak to her deceased father Frank Sullivan in 1996 via his old ham radio. Her attempts to save his life trigger the “butterfly effect”, changing the present in unforeseen ways. To fix the damage, she must work with her father across time to solve a decades-old murder case.[2]


  • Peyton List as Raimy Sullivan: An NYPD detective who experiences an unusual weather phenomenon that allows her to communicate with her late father through radio transmissions.[3] Born and raised in Queens, Raimy is stationed at the 21st Precinct (the same precinct her father worked out of in 1996) and has been since the start of her career in 2008. After changing the timeline, Raimy seems to be the only one to notice or remember both times. Now, she and Frank work across time to solve the Nightingale murders before her mother can become the killer’s next victim.
  • Riley Smith as Francis “Frank” Sullivan: Raimy’s father and an NYPD detective in 1996. He was killed while working undercover (and subsequently alleged to be a dirty cop), but survived when Raimy warned him the night before. After he is saved, Frank clears his name and is branded a hero, although his wife, Julie, leaves him. He transfers from undercover narcotics to the task force dedicated to solving the Nightingale murders while working across time with his adult daughter. In the new timeline caused by his survival in 1996, Frank got to see his daughter grow up and graduate from the police academy, and even served as her training officer in 2008. He dies in a car crash in 2011.
  • Devin Kelley as Julie Sullivan: Raimy’s mother and Frank’s widow who is killed by the Nightingale.
  • Mekhi Phifer as Detective (1996)/Lieutenant (2016) Satch Reyna: Frank’s partner who now runs the 21st Precinct’s Detective Squad where Raimy works.
  • Anthony Ruivivar as Captain Stan Moreno: the 21st Precinct Commander who, as a narcotics detective in 1996, was responsible for the undercover operation that resulted in Frank’s death. In the original timeline, then-Sergeant Moreno served as Raimy’s training officer in 2008.
  • Lenny Jacobson as Gordo: Raimy’s childhood friend.
  • Daniel Bonjour as Daniel Lawrence: Raimy’s fiancé in 2016. When Raimy alters the timeline, she is horrified to discover that she and Daniel have never met and he is dating another woman. Nevertheless, she retains memories of their previous romance.

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