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Direct Download Naruto TV Series



Direct Download Naruto TV Series


Cover of the first Japanese Naruto manga volume featuring Naruto Uzumaki.
NARUTO -ナルト-
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Naruto (pilot chapter)
Written by Masashi Kishimoto
Published by Shueisha
English publisher
Viz Media
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Akamaru Jump
English magazine
Shonen Jump
Published 1997
Written by Masashi Kishimoto
Published by Shueisha
English publisher
Madman Entertainment
Viz Media
Viz Media
Demographic Shōnen
Imprint Jump Comics
Magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump
English magazine
Weekly Shonen Jump
Shonen Jump (formerly)
Original run September 21, 1999November 10, 2014
Volumes 72 (List of volumes)

Naruto (ナルト?) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. It tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja who constantly searches for recognition and dreams to become the Hokage, the ninja in his village who is acknowledged as the leader and the strongest of all. The series is based on a one-shot manga by Kishimoto that was published in the August 1997 issue of Akamaru Jump.

Naruto was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine from the 43rd issue of 1999 to the 50th issue of 2014, with the chapters collected into seventy-two tankōbon volumes by Shueisha. The manga was later adapted into a television anime, which was produced by Studio Pierrot and Aniplex. It premiered across Japan on the terrestrial TV Tokyo and other TX Network stations on October 3, 2002. The first series lasted 220 episodes, while Naruto: Shippuden, a sequel to the original series, has been airing since February 15, 2007. In addition to the anime series, Studio Pierrot has developed eleven movies and several original video animations. Other types of merchandise include light novels, video games, and trading cards developed by several companies.

Viz Media has licensed the manga and anime for North American production. Viz serialized Naruto in their digital Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, as well as publishing the individual volumes. The anime series began airing in the United States and Canada in 2005, and later in the United Kingdom and Australia in 2006 and 2007, respectively. The films, as well as most OVAs from the series, have also been released by Viz, with the first film premiering in cinemas. Naruto: Shippuden was first released by Viz in North America in September 2009, started broadcast on Disney XD in October of the same year and on Adult Swim’s Toonami block in January 2014. Viz Media began streaming both series on their streaming service Neon Alley in December 2012.

As of October 2015, the manga has sold over 220 million copies worldwide, making it the fourth best-selling manga series in history.[4] The manga is also available in 35 countries outside Japan.[5] It has also become one of North American publisher Viz Media’s best-selling manga series. Their English adaptation of the series has appeared in the USA Today Booklist several times and volume 7 won the Quill Award in 2006. Reviewers of the series have praised the balance between fighting and comedy scenes, as well as the characters’ personalities, but have criticized it for using standard shōnen manga plot elements.


Index of /serials/Naruto/S01/

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Naruto.S01E01.480p (MihanViD).mkv 54M 2016-Jun-24 20:36
Naruto.S01E02.480p (MihanViD).mkv 62M 2016-Jun-24 20:36
Naruto.S01E03.480p (MihanViD).mkv 47M 2016-Jun-24 20:36
Naruto.S01E04.480p (MihanViD).mkv 54M 2016-Jun-24 20:36
Naruto.S01E05.480p (MihanViD).mkv 42M 2016-Jun-24 20:36
Naruto.S01E06.480p (MihanViD).mkv 54M 2016-Jun-24 20:36
Naruto.S01E07.480p (MihanViD).mkv 52M 2016-Jun-24 20:36
Naruto.S01E08.480p (MihanViD).mkv 64M 2016-Jun-24 20:36
Naruto.S01E09.480p (MihanViD).mkv 56M 2016-Jun-24 20:36
Naruto.S01E10.480p (MihanViD).mkv 50M 2016-Jun-24 20:36
Naruto.S01E11.480p (MihanViD).mkv 59M 2016-Jun-24 20:36
Naruto.S01E12.480p (MihanViD).mkv 60M 2016-Jun-24 20:36
Naruto.S01E13.480p (MihanViD).mkv 49M 2016-Jun-24 20:36
Naruto.S01E14.480p (MihanViD).mkv 62M 2016-Jun-24 20:36
Naruto.S01E15.480p (MihanViD).mkv 50M 2016-Jun-24 20:36
Naruto.S01E16.480p (MihanViD).mkv 50M 2016-Jun-24 20:36
Naruto.S01E17.480p (MihanViD).mkv 57M 2016-Jun-24 20:36
Naruto.S01E18.480p (MihanViD).mkv 44M 2016-Jun-24 20:36
Naruto.S01E19.480p (MihanViD).mkv 51M 2016-Jun-24 20:36
Naruto.S01E20.480p (MihanViD).mkv 55M 2016-Jun-24 20:36
Naruto.S01E21.480p (MihanViD).mkv 47M 2016-Jun-24 20:36
Naruto.S01E22.480p (MihanViD).mkv 51M 2016-Jun-24 20:36
Naruto.S01E23.480p (MihanViD).mkv 54M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S01E24.480p (MihanViD).mkv 57M 2016-Jun-24 20:36
Naruto.S01E25.480p (MihanViD).mkv 56M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S01E26.27.480p (MihanViD).mkv 126M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S01E28.480p (MihanViD).mkv 66M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S01E29.480p (MihanViD).mkv 60M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S01E30.480p (MihanViD).mkv 52M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S01E31.480p (MihanViD).mkv 55M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S01E32.480p (MihanViD).mkv 66M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S01E33.480p (MihanViD).mkv 70M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S01E34.480p (MihanViD).mkv 58M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S01E35.480p (MihanViD).mkv 65M 2016-Jun-24 20:37

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Index of /serials/Naruto/S02/

File Name  ↓ File Size  ↓ Date  ↓
Parent directory/
Naruto.S02E01.480p (MihanViD).mkv 61M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E02.480p (MihanViD).mkv 52M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E03.480p (MihanViD).mkv 54M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E04.480p (MihanViD).mkv 67M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E05.480p (MihanViD).mkv 64M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E06.480p (MihanViD).mkv 63M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E07.480p (MihanViD).mkv 62M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E08.480p (MihanViD).mkv 56M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E09.480p (MihanViD).mkv 72M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E10.480p (MihanViD).mkv 65M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E11.480p (MihanViD).mkv 66M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E12.480p (MihanViD).mkv 73M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E13.480p (MihanViD).mkv 69M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E14.480p (MihanViD).mkv 70M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E15.480p (MihanViD).mkv 78M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E16.480p (MihanViD).mkv 65M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E17.480p (MihanViD).mkv 66M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E18.480p (MihanViD).mkv 61M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E19.480p (MihanViD).mkv 64M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E20.480p (MihanViD).mkv 59M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E21.480p (MihanViD).mkv 70M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E22.480p (MihanViD).mkv 62M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E23.480p (MihanViD).mkv 51M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E24.480p (MihanViD).mkv 68M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E25.480p (MihanViD).mkv 69M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E26.480p (MihanViD).mkv 58M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E27.480p (MihanViD).mkv 72M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E28.480p (MihanViD).mkv 52M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E29.480p (MihanViD).mkv 56M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E30.480p (MihanViD).mkv 58M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E31.32.480p (MihanViD).mkv 125M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E33.480p (MihanViD).mkv 64M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E34.480p (MihanViD).mkv 63M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E35.480p (MihanViD).mkv 84M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E36.480p (MihanViD).mkv 57M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E37.480p (MihanViD).mkv 56M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E38.480p (MihanViD).mkv 67M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E39.480p (MihanViD).mkv 71M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E40.480p (MihanViD).mkv 67M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E41.480p (MihanViD).mkv 57M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E42.480p (MihanViD).mkv 61M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E43.480p (MihanViD).mkv 73M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E44.480p (MihanViD).mkv 61M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E45.480p (MihanViD).mkv 52M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E46.480p (MihanViD).mkv 57M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E47.480p (MihanViD).mkv 58M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S02E48.480p (MihanViD).mkv 57M 2016-Jun-24 20:37



Index of /serials/Naruto/S03/

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Parent directory/
Naruto.S03E01.480p (MihanViD).mkv 57M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E02.480p (MihanViD).mkv 61M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E03.480p (MihanViD).mkv 75M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E04.480p (MihanViD).mkv 59M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E05.480p (MihanViD).mkv 55M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E06.480p (MihanViD).mkv 66M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E07.480p (MihanViD).mkv 55M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E08.480p (MihanViD).mkv 49M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E09.480p (MihanViD).mkv 53M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E10.480p (MihanViD).mkv 70M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E11.480p (MihanViD).mkv 68M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E12.13.480p (MihanViD).mkv 145M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E14.480p (MihanViD).mkv 75M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E15.480p (MihanViD).mkv 59M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E16.480p (MihanViD).mkv 55M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E17.480p (MihanViD).mkv 54M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E18.480p (MihanViD).mkv 58M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E19.480p (MihanViD).mkv 63M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E20.480p (MihanViD).mkv 67M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E21.480p (MihanViD).mkv 57M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E22.480p (MihanViD).mkv 64M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E23.480p (MihanViD).mkv 76M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E24.480p (MihanViD).mkv 73M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E25.480p (MihanViD).mkv 51M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E26.480p (MihanViD).mkv 53M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E27.28.480p (MihanViD).mkv 95M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S03E29.480p (MihanViD).mkv 50M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E30.480p (MihanViD).mkv 73M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E31.480p (MihanViD).mkv 66M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E32.480p (MihanViD).mkv 59M 2016-Jun-24 20:37
Naruto.S03E33.34.480p (MihanViD).mkv 123M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S03E35.480p (MihanViD).mkv 59M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S03E36.480p (MihanViD).mkv 53M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S03E37.480p (MihanViD).mkv 67M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S03E38.480p (MihanViD).mkv 62M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S03E39.480p (MihanViD).mkv 64M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S03E40.480p (MihanViD).mkv 60M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S03E41.480p (MihanViD).mkv 72M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S03E42.480p (MihanViD).mkv 67M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S03E43.480p (MihanViD).mkv 64M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S03E44.45.480p (MihanViD).mkv 100M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S03E46.480p (MihanViD).mkv 35M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S03E47.480p (MihanViD).mkv 44M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S03E48.480p (MihanViD).mkv 41M 2016-Jun-24 20:38


Index of /serials/Naruto/S04/

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Parent directory/
Naruto.S04E01.480p (MihanViD).mkv 62M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E02.480p (MihanViD).mkv 49M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E03.480p (MihanViD).mkv 51M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E04.480p (MihanViD).mkv 45M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E05.480p (MihanViD).mkv 49M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E06.480p (MihanViD).mkv 51M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E07.480p (MihanViD).mkv 50M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E08.480p (MihanViD).mkv 41M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E09.480p (MihanViD).mkv 45M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E10.480p (MihanViD).mkv 52M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E11.480p (MihanViD).mkv 46M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E12.480p (MihanViD).mkv 61M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E13.480p (MihanViD).mkv 57M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E14.480p (MihanViD).mkv 52M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E15.480p (MihanViD).mkv 44M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E16.17.480p (MihanViD).mkv 96M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E18.480p (MihanViD).mkv 56M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E19.480p (MihanViD).mkv 53M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E20.480p (MihanViD).mkv 52M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E21.480p (MihanViD).mkv 54M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E22.480p (MihanViD).mkv 45M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E23.480p (MihanViD).mkv 48M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E24.480p (MihanViD).mkv 52M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E25.480p (MihanViD).mkv 54M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E26.480p (MihanViD).mkv 54M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E27.480p (MihanViD).mkv 54M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E28.480p (MihanViD).mkv 49M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E29.480p (MihanViD).mkv 57M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E30.480p (MihanViD).mkv 55M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E31.480p (MihanViD).mkv 47M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E32.480p (MihanViD).mkv 48M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E33.480p (MihanViD).mkv 45M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E34.480p (MihanViD).mkv 50M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E35.36.480p (MihanViD).mkv 101M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E37.480p (MihanViD).mkv 63M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E38.480p (MihanViD).mkv 53M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E39.480p (MihanViD).mkv 44M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E40.480p (MihanViD).mkv 44M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E41.480p (MihanViD).mkv 55M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E42.480p (MihanViD).mkv 52M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E43.480p (MihanViD).mkv 57M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E44.480p (MihanViD).mkv 44M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E45.480p (MihanViD).mkv 63M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E46.480p (MihanViD).mkv 58M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E47.480p (MihanViD).mkv 55M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S04E48.480p (MihanViD).mkv 47M 2016-Jun-24 20:38


Index of /serials/Naruto/S05/

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Parent directory/
Naruto.S05E01.480p (MihanViD).mkv 52M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E02.480p (MihanViD).mkv 48M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E03.480p (MihanViD).mkv 53M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E04.480p (MihanViD).mkv 51M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E05.480p (MihanViD).mkv 54M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E06.480p (MihanViD).mkv 55M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E07.480p (MihanViD).mkv 54M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E08.480p (MihanViD).mkv 58M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E09.480p (MihanViD).mkv 45M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E10.480p (MihanViD).mkv 56M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E11.480p (MihanViD).mkv 52M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E12.480p (MihanViD).mkv 52M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E13.480p (MihanViD).mkv 55M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E14.480p (MihanViD).mkv 56M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E15.480p (MihanViD).mkv 48M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E16.480p (MihanViD).mkv 60M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E17.480p (MihanViD).mkv 60M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E18.480p (MihanViD).mkv 43M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E19.480p (MihanViD).mkv 45M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E20.480p (MihanViD).mkv 51M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E21.480p (MihanViD).mkv 43M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E22.480p (MihanViD).mkv 57M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E23.480p (MihanViD).mkv 73M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E24.25.26.480p (MihanViD).mkv 114M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E27.480p (MihanViD).mkv 45M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E28.480p (MihanViD).mkv 48M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E29.480p (MihanViD).mkv 52M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E30.480p (MihanViD).mkv 47M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E31.480p (MihanViD).mkv 49M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E32.480p (MihanViD).mkv 48M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E33.480p (MihanViD).mkv 55M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E34.480p (MihanViD).mkv 57M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E35.36.480p (MihanViD).mkv 99M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E37.480p (MihanViD).mkv 43M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E38.480p (MihanViD).mkv 67M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E39.480p (MihanViD).mkv 56M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E40.480p (MihanViD).mkv 55M 2016-Jun-24 20:38
Naruto.S05E41.480p (MihanViD).mkv 40M 2016-Jun-24 20:38

A powerful fox known as the Nine-Tails attacks the ninja village Konoha. In response, the leader of Konoha, the Fourth Hokage, seals the fox inside his newborn son Naruto Uzumaki at the cost of the father’s life. As a child, Naruto is isolated from the Konoha community, who regards him as if he was the Nine-Tails. A decree made by the leader the Third Hokage forbids anyone mentioning the Nine-Tails to anyone else. Twelve years later, renegade ninja Mizuki reveals the truth to Naruto before being defeated by him with the Shadow Clone Jutsu technique, earning the respect of his teacher Iruka Umino. Shortly after, Naruto becomes a ninja and is assigned alongside Sasuke Uchiha, whom he often competes against, and Sakura Haruno, on whom he has a crush, to form a three-person team, Team 7, under an experienced sensei, the elite ninja Kakashi Hatake. Like all the ninja teams from every village, Team 7 is charged with completing missions requested by villagers, ranging from doing chores and being bodyguards to performing assassinations.


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